Staff and Board

District Staff

G. Taylor – Manager

A. Partin – Vector Ecologist

K. Ingram – Office Administrator

Board of Trustees

  • R. Norris- President
  • G. Stevens – Treasurer
  • K. Adams – Trustee
  • J. Mendelson – Trustee
  • R. Ashley – Trustee

Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners and serve a four year term.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee consists of the Board of Trustees and Five Freeholders who are appointed for a three year term by the Trustee Board. The Budget Committee Meeting is held in May.

  • C. Ferguson – Member
  • T. Morris – Member
  • E. Burleigh – Member
  • E. Eggleston – Member
  • C. Lanfear – Member

For more information about becoming a Board or Budget Committee Member contact the District Office at 541-826-2199 or