Tick ID

The Jackson County Vector Control technicians would be glad to identify a tick that you drop by the office. The following ticks are common in Southern Oregon. The Black-legged tick is the only tick in our area that has been identified in transmitting Lyme disease, however, other tick species are capable of carrying other disease. Remember, the nymph forms of ticks are much smaller, and are much more likely to embed long enough to transmit a disease. Prevention is your best defense, use insect repellent before going in tick habitat.

The Jackson County Vector Control District does not test ticks. For a list of labs that do, please see the Lyme disease page.

The University of Rhode Island hosts a website, TickEncounter, which is full of information about ticks, repellents and tick habitat in your yard.

Tick keys, which aid in the safe removal of ticks from you skin, are available free of charge at the JCVCD office.