Jackson County Vector Control District’s 2021 tire disposal event will take place July 22, 23, 24 from 8am to 4pm!

Discarded tires that become filled with water can support the larvae of several mosquito species known to carry human and animal diseases.  Increased outdoor storage of tires combined with declines in naturally occurring breeding sites have made scrap tires an important mosquito source.  Now’s your chance to tidy up your property and fight mosquitoes at the same time! 

Here are some important rules to remember:

-Event will take place at the Jackson County Vector Control office at 555 Mosquito Lane in Central Point.

-Open to Jackson county residents only – Proof of Jackson County residency is   required

-Automobile tires only (no tractor/heavy equipment tires)

-Tires must be 34 inches or less and off the rim

-15 tire limit per residence and approximately 30 tire limit per vehicle

-Tires that are cut in half or in pieces will not be accepted

For more information call 541-826-2199 or email office@jcvcd.org     

I Have Filed a Service Request, What Happens Next?

Service requests are a valuable piece of information in the fight against mosquitoes.  After a service request is filed the District is required by federal law to verify the severity of the mosquito problem before adult mosquito control operations can take place.  The verification process is also an opportunity for …

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