I Have Filed a Service Request, What Happens Next?

Service requests are a valuable piece of information in the fight against mosquitoes.  After a service request is filed the District is required by federal law to verify the severity of the mosquito problem before adult mosquito control operations can take place.  The verification process is also an opportunity for the District to collect information that will help identify the larval source of the problem so it can be mapped and treated, hopefully eliminating the problem from reoccurring in the future.  One or more of the following surveillance techniques will be used to verify the level of the mosquito problem before an area is treated for adult mosquitoes:

  • Visual Inspection: A technician will inspect the property for larval mosquito habitat mapping and treating the area if necessary.
  • Landing Rate Counts: A technician will do a “landing rate count” to get an indication of how many adult mosquitoes are biting per minute. If possible samples will be caught for identification in the District lab.
  • Fixed Adult Mosquito Traps: Traps baited with dry ice (CO2) are set overnight and the adult mosquitoes caught are counted and identified by the District lab. The number and species of mosquitoes present will indicate what control measures are necessary, the likely larval habitats producing the mosquitoes, and population trends over time.
  • Floater Adult Mosquito Trap: Traps set in areas not already covered by a Fixed Adult Mosquito Trap where more information on the number and species present are needed.
  • Mosquitoes collected by homeowner: Adult mosquitoes collected by the homeowner that can then be identified by the District lab.

Once the adult mosquito problem is verified the area will be treated for adult mosquitoes as quickly as possible.  It is important to note that adult mosquito control products have no residual effect, and long term control of the mosquito problem can only be achieved by controlling the larvae at the source.

Our adult mosquito control operations generally occur between 3:00 A.M. and 6 A.M. and are weather dependent.  Applications cannot be made when temperatures are below 50 degrees, wind speeds are in excess of 10 miles per hour or during periods of fog or rain. Please follow us on facebook to receive information about where we will be fogging.